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Zhongcai Storage Solution Company ( consisting of four branch companies: Zhongcai Inform Storage Equipment Selling Co., Ltd, Nanjing Baxter Metal Products Co., Ltd, Suzhou Beilijie Auto Technology Co., Ltd and representive company Zhongcai Storage Solution-Canada) is focused on doing structural racking system with hot rolled metal material. Our company has been adhering to the product concept of high-quality, economy, safety and reliability. Nowadays, most of the racking for automatic racking system or Semi-automatic racking system is made by cold rolled material which is formed and curved by the rolling and forming machine. This is a good way to save material and make racking more flexible; however, when it saves the cost temporary, it also sacrifices the safety and shortens the lifetime of rackin system. Therefore, our vision and mission is to provide more reliable, more economical, safer and high-quality for global customers.

Our production covers selective pallet racking, long span shelving racking, mezzanine racking, shuttle racking, drive-in racking, AS/RS, carton flow racking, cantilever racking, gravity pallet flow racking, push-back racking, moveable racking, and so on. Our customers are from various fields: electronics, automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, and third- party logistics. The brand of Zhongcai Storage Solution has become one of the most popular and favored racking brands in China.

Zhongcai Storage Solution Company has the top talent engineers in the researching and developing racking and makes perfect storage system solutions for customers. We ensure the safety and quality of products throug scientific, precise finite element analysis, stress testing and anti-shock design, etc in product manufacturing in order to provide customers with high-quality racking products. We have fully automatic production lines, introduce advanced manufacturing equipment such as Switzerland’s Gema, Japan’s Fanuc, and adopt strict quality control measures.

Zhongcai Storage Solution Company passes the ISO9001 certification, has more than twenty technological patens and becomes the first state-level high-tech enterprises in 2015.

Currently, Zhongcai Storage Solution Company which takes Zhongcai Inform Storage Equipment Selling Co., Ltd headquarter as the core, replying two factories in Suzhou and Nanjing, established sales branches and agents in Beijing-China, Tianjin-China, Shanghai-China, Jiangsu-China, Shandong-China, Toronto-Canada and many. Its marketing network is throughout the country, which provides product consulting, design, production, installation and other one-stop services for customers at home and abroad.

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